Welcome to the Irish Kenpo Karate Alliance


What is the Irish Kenpo Karate Academy?

The Irish Kenpo Karate Academy is a Kenpo Karate organisation for students who wish to learn Kenpo Karate online.  The Irish Kenpo Karate Academy was formed as a place for students to learn and improve on their Kenpo Karate skills. All members must follow our syllabus.

Frequently Asked Kenpo Karate Questions

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How do I join the IKKA?

To become a member of the IKKA contact us at [email protected]. Once you attain membership to Irish Kenpo Karate Academy you will then have access to all our Kenpo Karate video tutorials. Then you can being your Kenpo Karate journey.

Can I join the IKKA from another Combat Organisation?


How will gradings work?

Videos are submitted and then reviewed by Chief Instructor George Martin. After your video(s) are reviewed you may then be graded.